What is ABMP
The Amsterdam Brain and Mind Project is a new UvA‐VUA Amsterdam Academic Alliance Initiative. As a joint venture of the UvA and the VUA, the project aims to build sustainable bridges between Amsterdam’s top research groups in the fields of neuroscientific and cognitive research. This will allow both universities in the city of Amsterdam to build a strong and prominent centre for the study of the brain and mind.

Research within the Amsterdam Brain and Mind Project aims to jointly understand the biological underpinnings of the mind. To this end, we will initiate 10 joint postdoc projects on five interrelated themes. The Amsterdam Brain & Mind Project is coordinated by Agneta Fischer and ArjenBrussaard, and launches the first call for joint research proposals in the spring of 2015.

Who we are
The Amsterdam Brain and Mind Project is developed by stakeholders from the VUA and the UVA. We are represented by the following research institutes and centres from the VUA and UVA.

NCAABCLearnEmgo Move


Governance Structure 
The Amsterdam Brain and Mind Project is governed by two co-directors. The VUA representative is Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam (NCA) director ArjenBrussaard. The UvArepresentative is Agneta Fischer, scientific director of Amsterdam Cognitive Neuroscience (ABC).They are assisted by Pieter van Bokhoven as a part-time manager.

The UVA and VUA theme leaders for each of the five themes together with the co-directors, constitute the Governing Board.
Theme 1: Meike Bartels & Guido van Wingen
Theme 2: Christian Olivers & Victor Lamme
Theme 3: Huibert Mansvelder & Hilde Huizinga
Theme 4: Lydia Krabbendam & Paul Boersma
Theme 5: Matthijs Verhage & Paul Lucassen

The Amsterdam Brain and Mind Project will install an Advisory Board with representatives from academia, business, and public health institutions